Yeah, that's right. It's been fourteen months since I last posted on this blog. The last posting was made on February 7th, about 13 days before my baby was born. Now he's in Florida with his grandparents and I'm catching up on my first loves: cartooning and graphic novelization.
Here are the next two cartoons from the comic strip "Living with Parents." I've been experimenting with color. Too much color adds to a childish, unprofessional effect. Monochrome is much nicer but as you can see here the strips turned out waaaaay too yellow. Next time I am not coloring in the word balloons.

Weebly is being strange about not letting me enlarge the cartoon so I'm going to try to get the 'toon linked to a larger copy in the archive corner. Here's hoping!

But first of all... why have I been so late updating my website. Well, there's be schoolwork, homework, baby work, sick husband work and constant stresses- both of the normal and abnormal kind. Most of all, I haven't been updating the website because it's not my job. It's a hobby, and it's a pleasure but a time-consuming pleasure only and not a job. I am not receiving money for posting here. I don't have crowds of happy fans. Heck, I don't think even my own mother checks this site, but that's to be expected considering she's now watching a beautiful-but-exhausting one-year-old child. I miss them both so much. Mother's day is coming up. If anyone is out there reading this, please do something wonderful for your mother. You don't know how much she has sacrificed to bring you into this world and take care of you.

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