Boy, that took a lot of work! I had another scare where I thought a second virus had insinuated itself onto my
flash drive. Fortunately I've managed to re-scan the cartoons and it looks like they've managed to remain scanned
on the drive and not skipped town when my back was turned. Phew!
            In other news I've been wandering around with Kim celebrating Lunar New Year. We've been stuffing ourselves
with various forms of rice cake and bean cake while making stilted converation in bad Korean .... or rather that was just
me. Also we dropped by the Hyatt hotel, a huge party place twenty-odd years ago and still pretty hoppin' in my opinion,
and jammed along with a cool band while gorging on massive piles of fruit. During the breaks band member sat by our
table and chatted with us. Kim is a real social butterfly and tends to attract people in party-like situations. The guitarist
for the band, a small-boned Italien man, asked me when the baby was due. "Oh dear, is it really that obvious?" I asked.
The joke fell flat so I just laughed and said: "Next week. I'm celebrating my last few days as a free woman." 
"Oh, very good!" the guitarist said and we clinked glasses. A lot of people were clinking glasses that evening. 
It was a very celebratory evening.
           The weather is starting to warm up noticeably. The sky is constantly cloudy, the air foggy and the snow starting-
but only just starting- to melt. I was wondering if this temperature was normal for Seoul (it shares the same latitudinal
space as San Francisco) and my niece-in-law said that spring is supposed to start around this time so no worries.
           The above two strips can be found under the '"LwP archive' tabe at '"LwP" strip #29' and "'LwP" strip #30.'

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