Hello there and welcome to the "Living with Parents" website! In this website are (currently) two webcomics: "Living with Parents" and "Jake's Pole." The first webcomic, "Living with Parents," involves the seperate, lackadaisical lives of several twenty-somethings as they have various quiet adventures while (you guessed it) living with their parents for unknown periods of time.

"Jake's Pole" involves a far more motivated individual, Jake Amaruq, who at the age of eighteen is attempting to open his own Inuit-American restaurant specializing in the "finest in polar cuisine."

Character pages for both webcomics can be found under the corresponding tabs at the top of the page. "Living with Parents" (the webcomic) first came about around the beginning of 2008 when I had just finished my tour in the Peace Corps and was a bit at loose ends when it came to figuring out what else to do with my life. I returned to my parents' home in Indiana and, at the age of 27, made a comic strip about twenty-somethings all returning to their parents' houses for various reasons. I peddled the strip to various newspaper syndicates but, since print media is dying, no newspaper syndicate really had the freedom to take a chance on an unproven and rather rough-edged strip like "Living with Parents."  Nevertheless I got such wonderful rejection letters (one was actually a two-pager, full of very valid observations on the strip and tips on how to make it more presentable.... clearly the reader had not only taken the time to read my submission but examine it in depth) that I decided to transfer the strip to the internet.

The comic strip "Jake's Pole" was made on a dare by my father. I had been moaning and complaining about a new comic strip named "Tina's Groove".... a supremely mediocre comic strip that had appeared in newspapers. It showed the life of a young, twenty-something waitress living and working in the city. The strip was so banal that I would constantly groan about how it had managed to make it to the papers while my own comic strips continued to get rejected. "Honestly, how is it even remotely funny or interesting?" I would complain, "And the name.... 'Tina's Groove.' What the hell does that even mean?" My father then laughed and said, "That name might make more sense to you if there was a companion strip named 'Jack's Pole' or something."

It was rather sophomoric but I liked the idea of an innocent strip with a naughty-sounding name. What if I did write a companion strip with a name that could easily be misconstrued? With that, I formed "Jake's Pole".... a strip about a young man putting together a polar cuisine restaurant. This strip was surprisingly easy to write and I began to genuinely like the characters. When I sent it away to the syndicates it too got rejected... but I began to see even more "personalized" rejection letters. This was something that my writer friends told me was a very good thing and I received encouragement from all sides so I put "Jake's Pole" with "Living with Parents" on a website and hoped that a readership would grow. Hope you like it!

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