At last I have found a copy shop, ... and a new flash drive! Apparently the mystery of the disappearing files can be solved. "Birus," my husband said, tapping the expensive silver "Sony" flash drive that I had bought for a rather large sum of money in
UB. A virus? Not out of the question. Time to drop thirty-large on a new drive (thiry-large in won, that is... about twenty-eight bucks in USD).
            Even more rapturously, however, was the sight of a small, independent copy shop just eight minutes from my house. It was more expensive than "Kinko's" (even factoring in subway fare, "Kinko's" charges about 2,300 won while the independent copy shop charges 3,000 for a scan job) but it had one advantage: the files actually showed up on my damned flash drive! Yay!
            Enjoy new, juicy-sweet "Living with Parents" strips! Next post for "Living with Parents" should be in two days. And yes, I realize I'm now officially late when it comes to updating "Jake's Pole" but I will get around to it. In the meantime, enjoy!

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