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        Despite a massive amount of snow that was dumped on Seoul yesterday (yes, yes, not really "massive" by the current standards of the Northeastern seaboard of the US... but still a lot!) the scanner place near my house has now opened! Ah... and for only 500 won I can bring new "Living with Parents" comics strips- fresh and crispy!- to your eyes again.
        Still, the snow was not a total loss. It made the alleyways creeping off the streets of the city absolutely beautiful and I could not resist walking a bit and taking photos. In "Family Guy" there is a joke where Brian the dog defends his girlfriend's sparse intelligence by talking about her photography. "She happens to be a very talented photographer." Stewie scoffs at this. "Oh, that is so lame! Any hot girl who can aim a camera thinks she's a photographer! 'Ooo! You took a black-and-white picture of a lawn chair and its shadow and developed it at "Save-On!" You must be so brooding and deep!'" While I'm not exactly a "hot girl" I do feel a bit like I'm cheating when I aim my cheap digital camera at a pretty image, click the button and come up with a beautiful picture. It's not like I'm drawing these pictures with my own hands.... I'm using a camera and pressing a button. I do secretly agree a bit with Stewie in this regard.
           I do acknowledge that I don't really know much about photography. There are probably complexities concerning the art form that I am missing. If I knew them, these pictures might be better. Still, enjoy!
                  The last picture comes dangerously close to Stewie's definition of lazy art photography.... except it's even lazier because I didn't snap it in black-and-white.
                 I really wanted to climb up the hill at the end of the street but unfortunately the pavement was too dangerously slippery and steep for me... so I went home after taking a few photos. For some reason walking out there on the hills reminded me of a night I spent in Ashland, Oregon where I tried to find a place to set up a tent because the hostel was too full and the motel too expensive. I walked and walked, trying to find a bit of land that was hidden and not too obviously someone else's property because I didn't want to get arrested for vagrancy. I never found that bit of land and just ended up walking around until 6am when the doughnut shop opened and I went inside for some coffee and pastries. That was some of the best coffee and pastries I had had in my life. It was hot and comfortable and nearby I could overhear the conversation of several old men as they chatted about recent local events in a familier way that made it clear that their meetings were a daily ritual.
                 "Now you have the important news for the day," one of the old men said to me before they left the shop. I thought that was sweet.
                 But to return to walking around the hills of Ashland... it wasn't during the winter. I was a lot younger back then, single and not pregnant but for some reason wandering around yesterday reminded me of that earlier time.
                Enjoy the strips! As you can see from the second one, my obsession with pizza continues. God, it's just so delicious! Well, the plastic-wrapped pizzas at the bakeries are terrible, but hot pizza is awesome!

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