Yes, this comic has been egregiously delayed. There were various problems that contributed to my dear readers not being able to see a fresh slice of "Jake's Pole" displayed with luscious abandon on their computer screens. My flash drive picked up a virus so I could not use it on the home computer. The only alternative was rescanning all twenty "Jake's Pole" cartoons onto my "clean" flash drive or simply skipping down to the local PC Pang (whose computers are already lousy with viruses) and sticking my
diseased flash drive into the waiting USB ports down there. It's not a crime if the victim's already a whore!
            (No, that's not true... and that's a terrible joke. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting laughs, I will do anything-ANYTHING- to be paid!)
            Anyway, to make up for the lateness, I present a sheaf of "Jake's Pole" cartoons for your delectation. Enjoy!
            The new "Jake's Pole" cartoons can be found under the "JP Archive" tab at the top of the page.

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