Never drink coffee on an empty stomach.
Ugh, ugh.
Never drink coffee and then read a Dan Savage advice column.
I seriously think I may have to vomit. I'm about two flights of stairs away from an unlocked restroom. I'll have to dash up them in order not to regurgitate bilious yellow, coffee-scented fluid onto the floor of this PC Pang in front of hordes of "Starcraft"-playing boys eating take-out fish-on-a-stick and smoking cigarettes in this dim, close, underground lair. Why am I even talking about this, do I want to make myself throw up?
Enjoy these next few "Jake's Pole" strips about whale meat. Oh God, there I go again.
Sorry, enjoy these next few "Jake's Pole" strips until I finish inking in the next two "Living with Parents" strip.
        I didn't know at the time that I wrote this strip (back in 2008, as the "throwaway joke" clearly reveals) if Anji was interesting enough to warrent continued appearances in the strip. I still don't know actually, still haven't made up my mind.
       I did want to flesh out Carol's character a bit more.  She was coming off as a bit Stepfordish in the strip, smiling and attractive in a non-threatening way while standing quietly in the background. I wanted her to become a bit more... sinister as the strip progressed. Here, in her conversation with Anji, Carol reveals that she is exasperated with Jake's continued presence in her life but nothing more than exasperated... rather like a mother with a 25-year-old son who still lives at home. I wanted to expand on that a bit more.
Joyce's appearance is based on a breathtakingly-beautiful female extra I saw one time at the Fort Wayne Presbyterian Church's production of "Much Ado About Nothing." Yeah, her name is Joyce.

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